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Dr Tullio Rossi

Science Communicator | Trainer | Speaker | Entrepreneur | Marine Biologist

Are you ready to unleash your impact?

I am on a quest to make a positive impact on society and the planet through science communication.

You and I are going to change the world.

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New Online Course

How to Design an Award-Winning Scientific Poster

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Most Requested Science Communication Workshops

Animate Your Science Workshop

Science storytelling
Science communication 
Video animation.

Simple Graphics Workshop

Pick up a valuable visual communication toolkit:
Video abstracts
Graphical abstracts & Posters.

How to Design an Award Winning Poster

Learn how to design your poster like a graphic designer would.

Present with Impact

Forget death by Power Point. 
Learn how to deliver impactful presentations that are made to stick.

Funded! Grant Writing Tips and Tricks

Learn the grant writing skills that work and never get taught.
In collaboration with
Dr Katharina Richter
NHMRC Fellow and
winner of 30+ awards.

Tweet Your Way to Success

Social media strategies for smart but time poor academics.

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“It was a great workshop and the information was delivered excellently.”

Anonymous survey responder, The Australian Wine Research Institute

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Most Requested Speaking Topics

How to Stand Out and Unleash Your Impact

Learn how to realise the full potential impact of your research through science communication.

Careers in STEAM

At the intersection between science and art - magic happens.

Alternative Career Paths for PhDs

Learn how your PhD made you the equivalent of a bad-ass Navy Seal and how you can leverage your transferable skills.

Marine Light Shows

Learn about the amazing world of bioluminescence.

The Underwater Orchestra

A journey through the fascinating world or marine sounds.

Hope in a Changing Climate

How to find hope when the world seems to be going to hell.

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Audience Testimonials

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Dr Marc Jones

ARC DECRA Fellow and Lecturer, The University of Adelaide

Tullio Rossi is a lucid and engaging speaker with a creative forward thinking mind and natural affinity for public engagement. I have worked in the same department as him for over three years and he's proved to be a source of fruitful discussion on many aspects of science. His half-day workshop is well structured, informative, and inspiring.


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